[one_half]Program Overview

The Art of Talent Leadership® takes managers on an exploration of the challenges and opportunities surrounding effective talent leadership. The program builds a strong appreciation for the importance of managerial accountability while guiding managers to discover the best practices in fulfilling their role as talent leaders — for themselves, their departments, their employees and the organization.
This vibrant learning experience gives participants opportunities to explore talent issues in their own organization and the specific managerial actions and behaviors required for success. Critical thinking guides help each learner work through plans for action on the job, resulting in higher levels of commitment to hiring, developing and retaining the best talent.
During the program, managers complete self- inventories and develop a Talent Leadership Action Plan for implementation back on the job.

Learning Outcomes

After the Art of Talent Leadership session, managers will understand:

  • That an organization’s most effective leaders are those who develop talent for current and future needs.
  • The external (marketplace) and internal (organizational) issues that are driving the critical need for effective talent leadership.
  • The three overall talent leadership accountabilities practiced by managers in today’s successful organizations — Attracting, Retaining and Transitioning employees (“ART”)
  • The specific responsibilities within each of these accountabilities that, when combined, lead to success in getting and keeping the best talent:
    –    Attracting talent: sourcing, hiring and onboarding
    –    Retaining talent: managing, engaging and developing
    –    Transitioning talent: expanding, transferring and/or letting go
  • The managerial skills and behaviors that will help managers fulfill these accountabilities, and the importance of these for the organization, its employees and the managers themselves
  • “Best practices” in each of these areas from three perspectives: external experts (provided within the Art of Talent Leadership program), the managers’ own organization and their peers[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Program Objectives

As a result of participating in Mosaic, learners will be able to:

  • Implement new “best practice” behaviors on the job in the areas of attracting, retaining and transitioning employees.
  • Use a critical thinking process to assess personal skill and motivation around the fulfillment of talent leadership accountabilities.
  • Analyze the skills, motivations and expectations of team members/employees within the context of current department goals.
  • Analyze future department talent needs in relation to expected changes in organizational strategy, vision or direction.
  • Analyze potential shifts in the company’s talent needs that may require them to use different approaches to employee development within the department or team.
  • Provide support and encouragement to peer or subordinate managers around talent leadership behaviors and best practices.


Note: Two take-away tools are provided to the Art of Talent Leadership learners: Accountability Best Practices Cards that contain suggested actions and behavioral tips, and a Critical Thinking Guide to help managers conduct personal, department and organizational analyses around talent issues.[/one_half_last]

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