Qualified human Resource Professionals continue to be in high demand across all industries and at all levels. The big question of many would-be HR professionals is ‘How do I become a HR Professional?’

This program is designed to provide answers, guidelines, and direction for aspiring HR Professionals.
Everyday, our counselors get many questions from intending HR professionals on how To become a HR Professional. The most popular ones are

  • What competencies do Professionals need?
  • What tool would I need to master?
  • What skills should I learn?
  • How do I gain the skills & competencies?
  • Which industries are hiring HR Professionals?
  • What Professional Qualification do I need?


And if you too are looking for answers and guidance on how to kick-off career as a HR Professional, then register now to attend this half-day event.


A Roadmap for the HR Profession.