Program Overview

Discover new and creative ways to do your job. This seminar is ideal for generalists with two to four years’ experience or more experienced HR professionals looking for an overview or refresher course. An industry expert will provide you with an outline of the HR generalist’s core competencies in a variety of formats, including platform instruction, video, case studies and discussion groups. Each section provides you with the definition, roles and responsibilities of an HR generalist, the latest trends, useful metrics, and relevant employment laws on the competency presented. This is your opportunity to learn from the best in the field and to network with your peers.

Furthermore, the virtual seminar allows for maximum interaction and real time Q&A chats between participants, providing a dynamic virtual classroom experience. If you miss a class or want to review content, all classes are recorded in their entirety so you can view at your own convenience.

Program Objectives

  • Enhance your knowledge of the roles, responsibilities and general competencies of an HR generalist.
  • Describe five key HR functions (Staffing, Compensation, Benefits, Training and Development, and Employee Relations).
  • Describe current trends and developments in each of the five key HR functions.
  • Assess your organization in comparison to best practices in each of the HR functions.
  • Apply metrics for each of the HR functions.
  • Identify applicable laws and what managers/employees need to know.
  • Develop specific actions in each of the five areas.

Program Materials

The HR Generalist program book is a tool kit divided into the HR Core Competencies, and each competency contains a list of learning objectives and an Action Plan Matrix for you to list your personal and organizational goals. Extensive reference materials are included at the end of each topic, including relevant white papers and research analysis reports, applicable forms, checklists, samples, and detailed metric calculations.

How to Prepare:

Prepare for certification with Skills-Farm’s certification prep course.

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