What is Self-Study?

Self study option is for those who would like to prepare for HR Certification using timing and methods that are best suited to your personal schedule. Many HR professionals do not have the time or flexibility to join scheduled classes and as such have to rely solely on their own self-created time and schedule to prepare for their certification opportunity.

Who is Self-Study For?

To check whether self-study is for you or not, here are a few ways to use in assessing yourself.

You know that the Self-Study option is good for you when:

  • You have ample time after work and during weekends such that you can give 6 to 10 hours of study time each week
  • Even if you don’t work, you have significant free time to devote to self-study
  • You have a reasonable work experience in HR and in business such that you can easily identify with the practice aspects of the content in the HR Certification Prep kits
  • You are willing and able to re-take the exams if results are unsatisfactory
  • You are familiar with the HR Certification prep materials
  • You have attended a study class earlier
  • You just successfully completed a HR certification program and passed

If you didn’t answer yes to 70% of the above, then it may be most advisable to enroll yourself in an Instruct-Led Certification Prep Workshop where you will learn from an experienced and certified instructor.

How do I start off with my self-study?
You can start off with self-study by purchasing a kit and making study plans. Please remember to register for the exams you want to take and secure a test date with Prometric. Enjoy special discounts in ongoing promos put together to support self-study candidates.

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